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In 1968, St. Galilee Missionary Baptist Church was organized; when it was placed upon the hearts of Deacon T. London, Sister E. London, Deacon H. Robison, Sister O. Robison and Reverend S. Sain. Many pastors & church members witnessed the1st service held at St. Galilee.
St. Galilee held 4 different locations over the last 56 years.


  •  4409 Chene Street ~ Detroit, Michigan 48207

  •  7410 Warren Street ~ Detroit, Michigan 48214

  •  8100 Chalfonte Street ~ Detroit, Michigan 48238

  • 10700 Puritan Avenue ~ Detroit, Michigan 48238 {current location}

      Over the years, many members have united with the church. Some members have departed by death, some members have strayed away, but many have remained and accepted the challenge to serve God. With God's blessing and the leadership of Pastor Sain, we have experienced spiritual growth. We have also faced challenges, yet by God's grace and the leadership of our pastor, we have been able to endure.
     In 1987, the Outland Family in memory of their mother, Mother Rosie Outland, made a donation to the church and the St. Galilee Scholarship Fund was established.  
     In 2008, after forty years of loyal, faithful and dedicated service as St. Galilee's Pastor, Reverend S. Sain retired from pastoral position. Being an humble servant of God and our leader for forty years, he asked the church to choose the next pastor from within the St. Galilee Church Family. During that time the church continued to work together on one accord.
     On Sunday, December 28, 2008, Reverend J. Crowder was elected as the 2nd pastor of St. Galilee Missionary Baptist Church and was installed as our pastor on Sunday, February 8, 2009. God continues to give us a mind to work together.
In 2009, we dedicated the fellowship hall in Loving Memory to: Sister E. Randolph, Sister L. Sain and Sister M. Terrell. The name became the

RST Fellowship Hall.
     Under Pastor Crowder's leadership, during the ensuing year of 2009, the church completed several projects and services to the community. With God's blessings, under our Pastor's leadership, we are continuing to have true Christian love for one another and spiritually growing daily.
     God never said it would be easy, He just said it would be worth it. Therefore, we thank God for the mountains. We thank Him for the valleys. We thank Him for the storms He has brought us through. For if we never had any problems, we wouldn't know God could solve them and we wouldn't believe in what God can be.



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