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   SGMBC- Ministries

Culinary prepares & serve delicious meals to the body of Christ. 

Deacons and Trustees is assisting the Pastor in his work and promoting the church. As well as securing the tithes and offerings.

Hospitality  is to make sure that everyone feels welcomed as they enter to serve the Lord. They are the communicators of the church, making sure everyone is aware of all upcoming events and visitors’ notices.  As well as help new members get connected into the life of

Maintenance taking responsibility for the upkeep of the Church and Fellowship Hall and  ensures that all repairs are completed in a timely manner.
Mother’s Board  is the elder women in the church sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the younger women on how to be Christian woman in their everyday life. They assist with the preparation of church sacraments (communion and the baptism).

Music role is to lift the church through a song of praise from the following Choirs: Voices of Praise & Male Chorus.  

Nurses is the first aid of the church and the Pastor.

Preaching  is servants of God that teach the word to the church and service the community.

Sunday School  provides religious education to the children and the adults in the church.

Ushers is responsible for greeting everyone with a warm smile as they enter to worship. They maintain all the traffic in the church in the sanctuary. As well as making sure everyone that enters feel a part of the SGMBC family. They assist the Deacons and Trustees in the receiving of tithes and offerings. The Ushers distributes the weekly bulletins and visitor’s cards.

Youth  plan and implement all programs and activities with the youth and children in the church.


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